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Unleashing potential

Based upon the fundamentals of Neurosemantics & Neuro-Linguistic Programming this workshop is about removing the blocks to our potential so we can begin to be present to who we know ourselves to truly be. Effectiveness in this day and age comes more through learning who we are, rather than who we think we are, how we are made up and what traits we decide to release and those we desire to unleash. Effectiveness is freeing ourselves of that which serves to distract us on our paths to excellence and therefor opening our eyes to our possibilities and potentials.

Through individual and interactive processes you will have the opportunity to delve into what thought patterns are creating the blocks in your life and how to move through them into becoming who "You" really are.


Heart Connections

This training is designed for those who wish to delve deeper into your make-up and uncover remarkabilities about yourselves which are known to your conscious mind, yet not actualized. Based upon the fundamentals of intention, attention, unification and the power of divine love, you are given opportunities to move into your own presence and expression of owning your emotional truth and heartful knowings.

Effectively Being

Our physiological make-up houses a comphrehensive interactive neurological network consisting of logical, emotional and energetic representations which record every thought, expression, belief, feeling, emotion and experience we have in our lives.

The advent of the age of technology has created a life filled with busy-ness, noise pollution, time constraints and other general stresses inducing behavioural ways of being which cause the human pschye to react in a multitude of unproductive ways.

Becoming aware of how we embody the effects of such busy lifestyles is a positive step to creating a life of wellness and vitality. Since we all have different needs, desires, values, capabilities, blood and body types, sensetivities and strengths, likes and dislikes, is it not appropriate to discover what works best for you, the individual?

This workshop is about enhancing your awareness of how you are being affected, finding your own answers and learning how to live effectively in a world learning to live differently.

Bodywork Details

Bodywork Instruction is available for those of you who wish to learn hands-on techniques to apply on those close to you or further yourself professionally in your massage and bodywork career. The benefits are numerous, be it for furthering your techniques as a practicing therapist, bonding with your newborn baby, assistance with growing pains of a child or a simple technique to releive the tension headache of a loved one or collegue. Hands on healing is something which everyone can learn and use at any time they wish to.


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