heartfull photography


My creative eye loves to search out perfect compositions and capture them to share with others. This I have come to know of, as 'Sacred Moments', the times and spaces when I find myself to be most mindful and therefor most connected with all that is.



hearts reflect


Finding heart rocks has been a passion and a savior ever since I can remember. For many years I collected them, giving thanks for each one as it answered a question, gave me hope or renewed my faith in loves unifying presence.

One day, a quiet voice within said 'take photographs, not rocks’ and "Hearts Reflect" was born.  The heart shaped rocks are photographed where found and left with appreciative thoughts of paths crossed.

I am currently writing a book featuring the heart rocks with poetry and stories from my journey of healing.

All photographs on this website are available for purchase and I, for personal photographic shoots, be they of your garden, rocks, weddings, family & individual portraits or more.


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