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Evolutionary Coaching

Welcome to Evolutionary Coaching. Here begins a journey of Coaching from an energetic & spiritual perspective. You don't have to be on a spiritual path or understand how your mind, body, soul & energy all interrelate. You might just be looking for a fresh perspective on an issue in your life, needing some support in coping with change, stress or relationships; or just exploring ways in which you can develop yourself and move towards fulfilling your potential.

Evolutionary Coaching is about you creating the path which is correct for you. It is about You becoming the Ultimate You you know YourSelf to truly be. Knowing yourself is a grand adventure to be had, delving into the aspects of pain and limitations within your Body-Mind need not be a hard road, it can be filled with as much joy and loving comapssion as you wish to give it.

Evolutionary Coaching works with how we create our reality through our languaging, our ways of communication; both conscious & unsonscious, our mindfullness and speech. We focus on solutions and how to move forward in self-actualizing a life fulfilling of purpose and passion, in supportive and constructive ways. Together we create a path of purpose for you, one which unlocks you from your past, so you may have presence of mind in the present, and be available to what the glorious future can hold.

The Mind is Energy. Regulate it.

As your Coach I will work with you, assisting you to see where you abandon yourself and the aspects in your life where you go against what is your true nature. We work together in empowering you with self-confidence, methods and resources to achieve your most important outcomes. Evolutionary Coaching is for people who are serious about owning their own mind and taking responsibility for their lives. It is about achieving effective results through the time honored tools and techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neurosemantics with the methodology of Meta-Coaching.

Together we work with discovering your own alignment patterns, and with compassionate awareness, challenging you to release that which does not work, and exploring what does. Through our sessions you will find yourself in a space of no longer settling for less, and discovering your motivational pathways to implement those desired changes effectively into your everyday life.

Coaching relationships are very individual things, and they vary in length and cost depending on your needs and circumstances. To find out more about coaching and whether it would suit you, or whether I'm the right coach to work with you, then send me an email or give me a call and we can have a free and unconditional first conversation.


Being mindfully present to your potential, your higher values, your ultimate possibilities and your integral self creates a life really worth getting up in the morning for.


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