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Neurological Bodywork

Human touch is the most sophisticated physical tool in the known universe as our hands operate with the motor complexity of the neuromuscular system combined with sensitivity and intelligence. When we lay our hands on the body with conscious awareness and pressure, we unite the worlds of energy and structure.

Stress and tension over time create neurophysiological disorders such as migraines, repetitive strain injury, back pain, tense and tight muscles in our bodies. With todays fast lifestyle, our electromagnetic pathways are being constantly bombarded and distorted. Simply put, our nervous system is a complex network that is not confined to the density of our physical form and it is in this respect that many of us end up with pain to varying degrees playing havoc with our lives.

Bodywork reduces tension, rebalances, relaxes and revitalizes the body to raise people's awareness so they may get in touch with their own healing powers and reduce the negative effects that stress has on our respiration, heart rate, digestion, elimination, circulation and much more. Bodywork encourages the body to flow, to relax into being and follow ones bliss into that contented space of knowing we are not alone in the world and our body is loved through the receiving of touch. Often through bodywork we have a direct experience of psychophysical health that gives us a new vision of how different this life can be and will be through the continuing movement towards better health.


For exceptional bodywork to rejuvenate body and mind, release tension, reconnect with Self, breathe easy and feel revitalized, choose from a selection of offerings:


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